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#include "aldor"

stderr << "Hello world" << newline;

The Language

From Wikipedia:

Aldor is a programming language. It is the successor of A# as the extension language of the Axiom computer algebra system.

The Aldor language combines imperative, functional, and object-oriented features. It has an elaborate dependent type system[citation needed], allowing types to be used as first-class values. Aldor's syntax is heavily influenced by Pascal, but it is optionally indentation-sensitive, like Python. In its current implementation, it is compiled, but an interactive listener is provided.

Why Aldor?

This is of course the question every language developer is asked: Why do we need another language? Can't we do all that with other languages, already? What about the community, the library support, etc? Why do I even bother developing Aldor?

There are several reasons why I personally like Aldor very much: